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Kirby face for your 3DS ⊟

…or 3DS XL, or basically any pink surface you’d like to turn into a Kirby face. This excellent decal by GameThemedThings costs $8.

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Endless list of favorite characters [4/∞]

↳ Elizabeth (Persona 3)

I made my living as an elevator attendant, but I know several effective ways of inflicting pain… Don’t worry, I am not as fragile as I look. Try to kill me, if you can.

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Mighty 09 is a new video project from Megaman creator Keiji Inafune. The game is a retro styled side scrolling action title much in the vein of a Megaman. The Kickstarter campaign launched today and the teams goal is 900k


Oh no Capcom, Viewtiful Joe is where I draw the damn line. How dare you try to make a cheap mobile game using a beloved character when you haven’t gave us a real sequel to the franchise in years. How dare you


Suda51 is the Vince Russo of video games. After killer 7 all of his games have great ideas but those ideas are carried out poorly



imageNamco Bandai Games PRESENTS J Legend Retsuden - releases on 7 November

imageMetal Fight Beyblade 4DxZEROG Ultimate Tournament - releases on 26 September

imagePokémon X - releases on 12 October

imagePokémon Y - releases on 12 October

For past 3DS box arts, click here.

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Rime, a game by Tequila Works the developers of Deadlight, is probably the most interesting (and mysterious) game to come out of Sony’s Gamescom Conference. Definitely getting an Ico/Windwaker vibe from this. Excited!


Sony has just announced that the PS Vita’s retail price is being slashed to $199 in the United States. That’s down from its previous MSRP of $249.99. Sony also is dropping the price of the Vita’s memory cards, The 4GB Vita memory card now starts at $14.99, down from an original price of $19.99. 8GB cards have been reduced by $10 to $19.99, and both the 16GB (now $39.99) and 32GB ($79.99) have been slashed by $20.

I still find the memory cards a bit expensive especially compared to SD cards. For comparisson sake, one can get a 32gb SD for 20 bucks.